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Do you want phenomenal TV services, like HD 1080p programming and Pay Per View selections that cover some of the biggest events of the season? Do you need affordable pricing with professional services, courteous customer service representatives and installers? Would you like to get everything you need for Home Entertainment at the press of a button?

Your best chance at finding good dish deals is searching online for Satellite TV offers. The internet cuts out the middle man, allowing you to order your products directly from the source. It also saves you precious time and money in the process. You can go through the complete process from the comfort of your home. Search for the best offers on Satellite TV online, read through a comprehensive satellite TV comparison site, and proceed to order the Satellite deal that fits you most.

Choose from a number of top rated free satellite dishes TV systems with a subscription to DIRECTV or the Dish Network. Free satellite dishes offers typically include a free receiver, dish and installation with a Direct TV or Dish Network subscription and surpass broadcast TV and most nondigital cable systems. Both the Dish Network and Directv systems provide crystal clear reception and perfect audio. Both free systems provide hundreds of channels and you can both have specials so you can get them installed in up to 4 rooms free of charge for both the equipment as well as the installation.

We know that buying a satellite dish can be a bit overwhelming. With all the technical jargon these days, there's bound to be some confusion, and no doubt you have questions.

Dish Network Review

Dish Network got the top score among all satellite TV home service and cable TV companies in the results of a new index released recently; beating out Directv and other pay TV companies. This is the fifth year in a row that Dish Network has beat out all competing Satellite TV and cable companies. Dishnetwork also ranks at the top in Customer Satisfaction among Cable/Satellite TV Subscribers by J.D. Power and Associates, giving Dishnetwork a clean sweep of the most widely recognized customer satisfaction awards.

Dish Satellite TV signals are 100% digital, but most of the houses in United States still have analog televisions only. Satellite television home receivers take the digital MPEG-2 signal and convert it into an analog format recognizable by a standard television. For Dishnetwork service subscribers who do have digital (high definition) televisions, HD receiver deals are available. High Definition television (HDTV) gives dish televison viewers crystal clear pictures integrated with Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound - the entertainment experience that has been imagined but was never possible on standard analog televisions.

The DVR can be set in advance to record specific programs at specific times, or can be set to record a program that is currently playing. The DVR can also be used with the Pay Per View selections that Dish Network offers. These selections can be enjoyed by the entire family, at the family's convenience, without having the big-ticket prices.

With Pay Per View, the entire family can get front row seats to live boxing and wrestling matches, championship fights and live music events, like concerts by some of the biggest names in the industry. Avid sports and music enthusiasts can catch their favorite athletes and musicians on live television events, at a fraction of what it costs to be there in person.

Both the regular programming and the DVR have parental controls to safeguard against young, impressionable minds viewing inappropriate material. This feature allows concerned parents the convenience of blocking certain channels or shows, without having to do without the programming they want.

The America's Top 120 package offers over 100 quality channels like Disney, ESPN and MTV. This package is will suited for the new family or the established family that wants to make room in the monthly budget. It is reasonably priced and still delivers quality programming the entire family can enjoy.

The America's Top 200 package, Dish Network's most popular programming package to date, offers twice the variety by adding 100 channels to the channel selection offered with the America's Top 120 package. This package offers over 200 channels, and all, for quality entertainment at an affordable price.

Undecided between DIRECTV or Dish Network?

Both DISH NETWORK and DIRECTV offer top notch services and are constantly trying to improve their product and image.

DISH NETWORK and DIRECTV are very similar in pricing and channels. DIRECTV is priced slightly higher than DISH, but has a few programming options like NFL Sunday Ticket, that you can't get with DISH NETWORK and vice versa. Neither system is superior to the other, but the small differences that you will find in this site will make all the difference in your overall happiness with your new dish TV system.

Comparing Cable And Satellite

Comparing cable direct to satellite is not the easiest thing in the world. First of all we can't get access to the channel selection for cable providers, but chances are you have had cable at some point and know what channels and benefits they offered. You will find that cable TV is much higher and has less channels. Another major factor to consider when comparing cable and satellite is customer satisfaction. For years now, DISHNETWORK and DIRECTV have been the leaders in customer satisfaction according to the J.D. Power and Associates website. Actually most cable TV providers got really bad ratings from J.D. Power.

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