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Digital Satelliete Dish Plans FAQs

Can I install a Satellite dish myself?

Yes, you can use the installation manuals but professional installation is especially recommended with Multi Satellite dishes, due to their critical pointing and more complicated wiring requirements.

Can I install a Satellite dish indoors?

Yes. The dish can be positioned indoors, pointing through most glass windows, if the setting offers a clear view of the southern sky. But it is always advisable to install outdoors.


Can I get HDTV with any Satellite System?

Yes, but in order to receive HDTV broadcasts, you need a slightly larger oval Multi Satellite dish from DirecTV as well as a special receiver that decodes HDTV signals.

Can I get local channels with Satellite TV systems?

Yes. You can now subscribe to local channels in most metropolitan areas across the country when you order your programming from the Dish Network or DirecTv. You also have the option of receiving local channels with an off air antenna that can be connected to your satellite receiver and accessed via your remote control..


Does the weather affect the operation of Satellite TV?

Not usually. On rare occasions, in periods of heavy sustained rainfall, you may experience a brief period of "picture freeze" while the receiver re locates a lost satellite signal. Signal strength is optimized during professional installation to reduce the likelihood of signal loss during severe weather.

Can I watch two different programs on more than one TV in my house?

Yes. however you need separate satellite receivers as part of a dual LNB Satellite System to accomplish this. The dual LNB Satellite System or multi room system allows you to use additional receivers so the members of your household can watch different channels or pay per view programs in different rooms at the same time.


Are DirecTV and Dish Network Satellite TV dish systems compatible?

No, you cannot use DirecTV equipment to receive Dish Network programming or vice versa. Each system is designed to operate exclusively with proprietary satellites hovering above the Earth in geo stationary orbit. The satellites for these systems are in completely different locations, and their signals can not be decoded by competitor receiver units.

Can I get High Speed Satellite Internet Access?

Yes. High speed satellite internet, also known as satellite dsl, is available in most areas of the continental US and Hawaii. DSL internet service is also available from America's leading dsl providers subject to availability. .

What if I move before my one year commitment is up?

Generally No problem! Dish Network or DirecTV will reinstall your system at your new residence for FREE or for a small fee with certain conditions.


What is Solar Interference?

Satellite transmissions are subject to solar interference twice a year during the equinoxes. When the sun passes behind the satellite it sometimes causes interference with the signal.

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