How to Find Cheap Wireless Service

Find Your Cheapest Cellular Service Plan

You may think that deciding on the right handset is the hardest and costliest part of shopping for a new cell phone or smartphone. But the cell phone plan you choose is just as important. After all, you may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on cellular service over the life of your phone, so finding the cheapest cell phone service available can save you lots of money.

When choosing a phone plan, people generally do one of two things: choose too small of a plan or choose too big of a plan. Be realistic about how often you'll use your phone, and you'll avoid paying more than you need to for service.

Most cell phone users could find a better cell phone plan if they had the time to search around. But who has the time?

In some cases, competitors put out plans that are so incredibly good that it is, in fact, worth paying the termination fee with your current carrier and get on to the new plan

Cell phone companies will never tell the existing customers that they have a better plan for you?

Are Prepaid Plans Right for you

Prepaid cell phone are becoming more and more popular as prices come down. If you only use your cell phone for occasional calls, a prepaid plan may be the cheapest service option for you. Shop around, and you could spend as little as $20 every three months. Now that's a deal! Most of the major cell phone carriers now offer prepaid cell phone options.

And in many cases, prepaid is your cheapest option. For example, a prepaid phone from Boost Mobile, a division of Sprint, with unlimited nationwide talk, text and Web access is just $50 a month. There's no contract, no credit check and no hidden fees.

Ditch the Extras

Phone replacement insurance, road side assistance, ringtone downloads, games, video streaming, e-mail, web surfing capability ............. there are lots of cell phone extras to choose from, but in the end they all do the same thing: add to your monthly cell phone bill. Stick to the basics.

Do you really need to insure a $200 to $500 item? Insurance should be for those things we can't afford to replace!

Should You Sign a Contract?

There's no doubt that avoiding a lengthy contract with a cellular carrier can save you money, but, sometimes, committing to a service contract is the way to go. If you absolutely have to have the latest and greatest phone, for example, you may be forced to sign a contract in order to get it. But not all contracts are created equal.

Is a Family Plan for You?

If you have more than one cell phone user in your family, you may be able to save money by opting for a family plan. A family plan only works if everyone in the family is using a phone from the same wireless carrier, but if you are, such a plan can offer significant savings. You may be able to share minutes between family members, make free calls to one another, or add additional lines for as little as $10 per month.

Can You Get a Discount?

Did you know that your employer may make your eligible for certain service discounts? Or that, if you're a senior citizen, your bill might be reduced? Ask your carrier to see if these discounts apply, or to find any others that might make for a lower monthly bill.

AT&T Cell Phone Plan Discounts for Labor Union Members - Union Plus

With the Union Plus AT&T Wireless Discount, labor union members save 15% off the regular monthly rate for individual and family wireless cell phone plans* on the nation's largest wireless network.

Check your company for Corporate Cell Phone Discount

The easiest way to learn your immediate corporate cell phone discount is to simply call your carrier and ask for it.

If you work for the New York Times Company, for example, you could receive an 18 percent discount on your monthly service from Sprint. If you work for EDS, Sprint could award you a 26 percent discount.

Corporate cell phone discounts typically range from 15 percent to 25 percent on each monthly bill. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless have similar corporate cell phone discounts. You just have to be employed, and you just have to ask for it.

Employee Discounts

Some company's offer a discount on wireless services. Check with your employer to see what discounts they offer.

Pick a Plan with Rollover Minutes

If you've determined that a minute-based plan is best for you, choose one that allows you to rollover unused minutes from month to month. After all, you've paid for those minutes, so you should get to keep them.

Re-negotiate Cell Phone Contracts

When an existing contract expires, always renegotiate for a better deal. The prices of cell phone contracts tend to go down over time for the same service. So make sure you take advantage of current deals when you contract is up.

Unlimited Plans - Think Twice

While an unlimited plan (whether for phone or texting) relieves you of the burden of worrying about your minutes, most people don't take full advantage of these costly programs. Examine your cell phone usage to see if you can get by with a less expensive plan

Save with Bundled Plans

Combine your home phone, TV, and high speed internet services for great savings.

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