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Louisiana Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Big Savings with No Contract Phones in Louisiana. Check out the latest prepaid Cell Phones Plans & Deals! No contract cell phones are designed to fit every budget. If you want to manage your wireless spending, prepaid cell phone plans can be ideal for you. With pre-paid plans, your monthly budget is constant.

Prepaid cell phone plans are ideal if...

  • you want a cell phone phone but would like to budget your usage.
  • you want a cell phone phone for safety without the monthly bill or long-term contract.
  • you don't like the hassle of a credit check.
  • you want to buy a cell phone for your children, but want to control their usage.

A prepaid phone plan, sometimes called a pay-as-you-go plan, is one of the best ways to save money on cellular service. You only pay for the minutes you use, and you're not tied in to a lengthy service contract. But a prepaid plan is not for everyone.

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Possibly the best thing about prepaid cell-phone plans is what it doesn't have. There are no contracts to sign, no monthly bills, no long-term commitments, no credit checks, no age limit and no hidden fees. These features are what make prepaid wireless plans so attractive.

Buy a prepay phone service just pay as you go and never get overcharged or lost minutes again! Prepaid cellular phones, unlike more conventional phones, do not require a long term commitment to a lengthy monthly service plan.

Prepaid cell phone can stop you or your family members from wasting money. With prepaid cell phone plans, you're going to pay as you go along. So you know how much you are spending.

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Prepaid wireless services require that you purchase some amount of recharge minutes and add them to your phone within a specific timeframe, usually 30 to 90 days. Be sure to know how often you must load new minutes. When you approach the end of the your minutes, you probable receive an automated warning. Using your cellular phone, you can also check your prepaid account to see how many minutes you have left. If the service includes voice mail, it can be very useful to let it pick up the call; then use a landline to check the message and not incur any airtime charges.

Prepaid cell phones are usually fairly cheap to get. Often cost people less than $100 and are sometimes promoted by rebates, a starter phone card for some amount of air time, or a variety of phone accessories for free. Prepaid cellular phones, unlike more conventional phones, do not require a long term commitment to a lengthy monthly service plan.

Normally new cellular phones come with an initial number of airtime minutes. Those minutes are used up as you are placing and receiving calls with your cell phone. When all minutes are used you buy more prepaid airtime minutes (recharge) by dialing a toll-free number on your cellular phone. The purchased minutes are credited to your account or programmed (added) in your cellular phone and are then automatically deducted when you make calls.

Paying Too Much for Wireless Plan?

Are you paying too much for Cellular or PCS wireless telephone service? Probably! Let's face it, unless you are a "heavy" phone user with a plan that gives you thousands of minutes per month and you use them all, then you may be spending far more than you need for the convenience of having a wireless phone in your car or pocket.

Security at Low Cost

Many of us need a cell phone for the security of being able to call for help in an emergency and occasional calls home from on the road. The cell phone is a wonderful invention for this purpose. Not needing to find a pay phone. Not being stranded with a flat tire miles from anywhere. But till recently you had to pay dearly for this convenience.

Advanced Features

With most of the new prepaid services, you get Data, Free voice mail, free caller ID, free Call Waiting. These are features you pay extra with other wireless plans plus you probably pay more for the basic plan to begin with. Why get trapped by inflexible wireless services when you have the ability to pre-pay for a year or pay as you go. Your minutes don't expire with active use and you can add more whenever you wish. Most of the cell phones lets you know how many minutes you have left so you don't get caught short or wind up paying huge rates for extra minutes.

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