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It seems that everyone has a cell phone. When moving away from home, many young adults will contemplate whether or not to buy a long distance plan from a local phone company or purchase a cell phone plan with long distance minutes.

Before you make a purchase you'll regret, check out some of the simple rules to avoid choosing the wrong phone. We may not be able to pick your dream phone for you, but we can help put you in a good frame of mind to make the right decision. Depending on who you ask, cell phones are useful tools, handy communication gadgets, potential lifesavers, menacing distractions, or even dangers to our health.

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Whether you want to communicate more efficiently and affectively with you family and friends or the cellular phone is a valuable tool for your business, makes little difference to your choice of phones. Far too often, especially with the younger generation using cellular phones, the choice is make by the color or sound options. You should determine the purpose of owning a cellular and the location of this use first. This could be a factor since some cellular service is better than others in different locations.

Another aspect of cellular service is for security, protection or trouble situations. Since cellular phones will work in nearly any area you can be reached and notified of any immediate problem and you can also call for assistance if needed for any medical or mechanical problem. Although cellular phones are more of a novelty for the younger generation you should always be conscious of the value cellular service can be when needed.

Millions of people in around the world use cellular phones. They are one of the greatest gadgets ever built man, you can talk to anyone on the planet from just about anywhere!

Get the best in cell phone deals. Choose from cheap cell phones through leading providers like Sprint Wireless, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cingular Wireless and Nextel Business and residential cell phone service plans start at less than $30 per month, and most of our cell phone plans include free cell phones from Nokia, Motorola, Kyocera, Samsung and others. Get up to $150 cash back on a single cell phone or $300 cash back on a family cell phone plan. These include features like free long distance and no roaming charges.

With free mobile to mobile minutes, family cell phone plans have become increasingly popular. Many of these cell phone deals include multiple free cell phones which can make them less then plans. Most of the cell phone carriers offer some of the best deals on a family cell phone plans.

These days, cell phones provide an incredible array of functions, and new ones are being added at a breakneck pace. Depending on the cell phone model, you can:

Store Addresses and contact information, Make task or to do lists, Personalized/custom sounds, Incoming number storage, Automatic redial, Last number recall, Keep track of appointments and set reminders, Use the built-in calculator for simple math, Send or receive e-mail, Vibrate mode, PC synchronization, Call forwarding, External volume/ringer control, Hands free headset/speakerphone, One touch dialing/speed dialing, Voice activated functions, Rapid charger/built in charger, Mute/hold button, Get information (news, entertainment, stock quotes) from the Internet, Integrate other devices such as PDAs, MP3 players and GPS receivers

Switch Cellular Carriers

Switch carriers and keep your cell phone number. In fact, many cell phones are FREE! Find the most extensive selection of free cell phones on and off the net. Compare cell phone plans to find the one that works for you. All of our wireless phones are brand-new and come with the finest, new cell phone plans by the leading carriers.

Call now to get the best cell phone deal possible. We can help you find the right cell phone plan for your needs and match it your cell phone plan with a monthly payment that works for you and your company or family. We can help you find the right cell phone or pda for all of your business and personal needs.

Getting the right plan is important. It is also important that you do not overpay for your next cellular phone or smart phone. We have been around for many years and we know that we can get you the right cell phone deal regardless of your needs.

Best wireless service

domestic U.S.

Considering all factors, reviews say Verizon has the best call quality. Verizon customers experience fewer dropped calls and circuit overloads than with other carriers. While plan prices may not be the cheapest, rates are competitive. Verizon works on the CDMA network, which is not compatible with European or Asian GSM networks;

T-Mobile: which ties for first or finishes a close second to Verizon in most reviews and which received J.D. Power's top rating for customer service -- does work on a GSM network, so it's a better choice for international travelers who want to use the same phone while abroad.

It's not easy to compare cell-phone plans and service. You can't, for example, test the same cell phone in the same location using Verizon and T-Mobile. That's because there are two different network technologies at work. A mobile phone made to work on Verizon's CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network will not operate on T-Mobile's GSM (Global System for Mobile) network. Even if you could use the same phone to test multiple wireless plans, you'd only have results for one particular location, and as you probably know, you could walk 500 feet away, try the test again and get different results.

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Phone Savings Tips

If you are an infrequent user of cell phones select a low usage plan.

Only get the features you need with your wireless phone plan. Call your wireless provider to cancel extra features if you are not using them.

Select a wireless phone that comes with free accessories. Many cell phones offered come with free accessories such as a free in car charger or hands free earbud.

HTC Phone

Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

Don't throw out your old cell phone. Recycle or donate used cellular equipment instead to help the environment and your favorite cause

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